Subi – Serendipity City (2K Remix) {mrv003}

Artist: Subi
Title: Serendipity City (2K Remix)
Catalog #: mrv003
Label: monoRAVEik
Release Date: 2000/12/01

That irrepressibly, uhh, irrepressible Subi returns with a new release on his very own monoRAVEik sublabel, and this time it’s a 21st century remake of an almost decade-old track of his, “Serendipity City”.

Whilst the original stayed very .MOD-ish and staccato, this remix smooths out to funky oldskoolinflected drum-roll breaks and an almost progressive breakbeat feel. Could it be that, finally, Subi is coming back in fashion? This track wouldn’t feel out of place in a nu-skool breaks or trance set.

But let’s put that unlikely idea at the back of our mind, and concentrate on bobbing ones head along to the snare-rush heaven created, albeit temporarily, in our headphones.

(And, yes, someone other than Subi is planned to release on monoRAVEik soon.. crazy tho it may seem.)

cover by subi

01. Serendipity City (2K Remix) [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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