Hollywood – Phase 187 {MOD#42}

Artist: Hollywood
Title: Phase 187
Catalog #: MOD#42
Label: Mono
Release Date: 1996/10/12

Well, it’s taken me almost 50 Mono releases, but I (h0l) have finally got round to releasing a proper tune on Mono (my other two releases were just cleaning up some minor unreleased stuff, really.) Phew. And it’s my first tune for 6 months, too, due to final exams at uni, my new job, and running Mono all getting in the way. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the result.

The “I wanna be a spaceman” sample is courtesy of Mr. Noel Gallagher of the popular beat combo Oasis, by the way, and it’s stolen from an Oasis bootleg. Scoooore. 🙂

01. Phase 187 [MOD / AIFF / MP3]

Additional Files:
M_1996 [REL / PNG]

Whole Release: [ZIP (AIFF/MOD) / ZIP (MP3/MOD)]


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