Dreamfish – Ketamin Sunrise EP {MOD#29}

Artist: Dreamfish
Title: Ketamin Sunrise EP
Catalog #: MOD#29
Label: Mono
Release Date: 1996/08/08

Wow + ee. 🙂 I’d really like to meander off into hyperbole about just how amazing I think this EP is, but I don’t really think that’s appropriate, or necessary – the music speaks for itself. I’ll just satisfy myself with saying that this is one of my favourite Mono releases so far. 🙂

Oh, and please note that Dreamfish is also rather a handy DJ under the name of DJ Hoffman, so try to catch his sets if you happen to live in the West Country, UK, heehee. 🙂 Finally, in case you weren’t aware, Dreamfishie too his name from a brilliant Rising High ambient CD by Mixmaster Morris and Pete Namlook, and his old scene-handle was Hydlide (anyone remember an old Amiga rave-mix by him?) 🙂

01. Ketamin Klusterz [MOD / AIFF / MP3]
02. Sunrise Technology [MOD / AIFF / MP3]

Additional Files:
M_1996 [REL / PNG]

Whole Release: [ZIP (AIFF/MOD) / ZIP (MP3/MOD)]


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