Vivid – Your Last Trip {MOD#18}

Artist: Vivid
Title: Your Last Trip
Label: Mono
Catalog #: MOD#18
Release Date: 1996/06/22

Our first guest-starring Mono release (apart from the remixes of the since-joined Supernao!) is a wicked, weird techno piece by the PC musician Vivid, who’s a member of Kosmic and Radical Rhythms, two of the kicking-est PC music-groups. He’s kindly reduced his composing power to 4 channels to release on Mono, and I really like the result: original and funky, ma maan. Btw, I believe some of the speech in the tune is taken from “The X-Files” TV series, by the way. Whatever that is. 😛 Vivid also told me he skipped school to write the tune. Mono, we’re a danger to your education, ya know. 😉

01 – Your Last Trip [MOD] [FLAC] [MP3]

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