Twilight – Inevitable {MOD#12}

Artist: Twilight
Title: Inevitable
Label: Mono
Catalog #: MOD#12
Release Date: 1996/06/01

Twilight’s giving off some _serious_ good vibes with this hardstepping, longstriding release.. kicking it monostylee. 🙂 He’s also released a strictly hush-hush, get-it-if-you-can unofficial Mono release called m_petrol, which is VERY big and a remix of a rather smart Orbital track. It also trashed my hard disc when I was trying to uujoin it (nothing to do with the file, it’s just my hard drive is dying and I’m looking for something to blame it on!), so don’t expect to see it released officially in the near future (at least until I get a new HD, hehe!) Be aware, Mono bootlegs are appearing all the time. Watch the skies! 🙂

01 – Inevitable [MOD] [FLAC] [MP3]

Additional Files:
M_1996 [REL] [PNG]

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*FLAC & MP3 zips also include the original versions.

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