Substance – Zenith Aura EP {MOD#010}

Artist: Substance
Title: Zenith Aura EP
Catalog #: MOD#010
Label: Mono
Release Date: 1996/05/25

Well, the debut Mono release from Substance is an EP of some of the best trance-MODs I’ve ever heard. Yeah, yeah, I’m biased, but who can deny that these tunes kick considerable ass? “Zenith Aura” throws the percussion round like some serious mechanical maniacs got let loose in your computer, “Monotone” phases and hits like a pipe-toking robot bad-ass mofo, and “Trips Of Orange Capsules” is flowing, experimental, and relaxing all at once. There ain’t no doubt that this is one of the best Mono releases so far, so enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂

01. Zenith Aura [MOD / AIFF / MP3]
02. Trips Of Orange Capsules [MOD / AIFF / MP3]
03. Monotone [MOD / AIFF / MP3]

Additional Files:
M_1996 [REL / PNG]

Whole Release: [ZIP (AIFF) / ZIP (MP3)]


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