Luminfire – Upside Wookie {release #94}

Artist: Luminfire
Title: Upside Wookie
Label: Milk
Catalog #: release #94
Release Date: 2001/06/07

Here’s a tune from a new name on Milk. Luminfire has done a nice, cool song with lots of melodies. “Upside Wookie” has a sound and style warm like summer and cool like iceream. This is a simple tune with no timing techniques or out-of-this-world sounds. This danceable but also highly listenable tune builds on lofi drums and layers of different loops like vocals and guitars. Here’s one for the summer!


01. Upside Wookie [MP3]

Additional Files:
luminfire_-_upside_wookie [DIZ / PNG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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