daze – kalx {rel#63}

Artist: daze
Title: kalx
Label: Milk
Catalog #: rel#63
Release Date: 1999/09/17

Kalx starts with hi-freq “strings” [or something], then rolls on with ever-changing idm comp. in 1:50 idm noises join on, proceeding on with the drums and bleeps, which create the melody.
This track is focused on the drums, but that’s not a problem, since the drums are very well done. and the melody is spiced up with mellow, beautiful bleeps. [especially in the end.]

i liked this one very much.

– tuomas.r

note (S.Louhela):

The track begun to get a little boring somewhere at 5 minutes mark but then came the other part with a really nice melody. I loved that.

[ 89%]

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