firestARTer aka Frau Holle – … Delayed Since 2007 {[DWD-009]}

Artist: firestARTer aka Frau Holle
Title: … Delayed Since 2007
Catalog #: [DWD-009]
Label: DarkWingDuck Records
Release Date: 2013/01/11

Hello there. Surprised? We too 🙂 But anyway, unDWDead label survived after the End of the Wolrd and we are back with looooong awaited album by square-wave voyager firestARTer aka Frau holle! Started back in 2007 it’s finally here! 9 tracks of HQ chip-sound from techno to lo-fi bossa nova! 😉 Enough words and no more to say, now it’s time to listen! Pump up the volume.

01. Der Flo [MP3]
02. Shenzhen [MP3]
03. Rotterdamned (atari) [MP3]
04. Fjords [MP3]
05. Ballad Of The Forgotten Homecomputer [MP3]
06. Microboogie (better than the original remix) [MP3]
07. Pogen Erlaubt [MP3]
08. Bitmo De La Noche [MP3]
09. Rotterdamned (Gameboy) [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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