Yerzmyey – Interphase {[DWD-006]}

Artist: Yerzmyey
Title: Interphase
Catalog #: [DWD-006]
Label: DarkWingDuck Records
Release Date: 2009/05/07

We are proud to present new release by old-school scener and
ZX Spectrum warrior, Yerzmyey!
Great 7 tracks fresh off the AY chip showing his skills and
love to ZX platform and chipmusic in general 🙂
Artwork and bonus track by release guest, Factor6.
See full-size cover for the details.

01. 16kb [MP3]
02. It’s only a joke 😉 [MP3]
03. 5th channel [MP3]
04. Juh [MP3]
05. Oxygene [MP3]
06. Noise [MP3]
07. 16kb tune 2 [MP3]
08. Factor6 – Taio Byte (bonus guest track) [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [GIF]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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