Philipp Weigl – Common Cause {COM14}

Artist: Philipp Weigl
Title: Common Cause
Label: Comatronic
Catalog #: COM14
Release Date: 2005/06/30

The introductory “The Waiting” features chirring pads, sparingly used dub elements and lets you get acquainted with your companion on this half-hour long journey through emotion, melancholia and passion: Philipp Weigl. “Strangers” comes up with a set of rich pads, a nicely delayed piano pattern and minimal, straight-line beats. Like in “While You’re Sleeping”, Weigl’s voice is skillfully incorporated into mix and arrangement, thus creating a calm but elusive atmosphere. In “Sometimes You Lose” an alienesque voice is accompanied by predominant pads and a deep, wobbling bassline, while the slow-motion title track “Common Cause” makes use of clearer drawn vocal lines and completes a thoroughly intense and thought-provoking listening experience.

01. The Waiting [Intro] [MP3]
02. Strangers [MP3]
03. While You’re Sleeping [MP3]
04. Sometimes You Lose [MP3]
05. Common Cause [MP3]

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