Dataman – Noetik Pt.2 {COM07}

Artist: Dataman
Title: Noetik Pt.2
Label: Comatronic
Catalog #: COM07
Release Date: 2004/07/31

We are proud to announce Part 2 of Dataman’s minimal techno extravaganza ‘Noetik’. This release starts off with the epic bouncer ‘Nosologie’ which features classic elements from dub – tech and mystic soundscapes that pave the way for the slightly darker arrangements of ‘Ethos’, a very atmospheric yet driving minimal track. ‘Iktus’ makes use of a different approach and combines interlaced beat structures with corresponding sound snippets that seem to put the relation between chaos and order in question.
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01 – Nosologie [MP3]
02 – Ethos [MP3]
03 – Iktus [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]
Back Cover [JPG]
Front & Back Cover [JPG]
Info [NFO]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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