Boris Heizmann – Mesolinear {COM04}

Artist: Boris Heizmann
Title: Mesolinear
Label: Comatronic
Catalog #: COM04
Release Date: 2004/04/25

Three beautiful pieces of dub-influenced electronics ranging from minimal house to electro: Delighting pads, thick chords and classic beats are combined with an extensive but nonetheless sophisticated use of delays. The dark pumping title track ‘Mesolinear’ with its cold and crispy yet still melodious chord patterns is followed by ‘Placid States’, where the combination of electro grooves, light pads and synths create a beautiful unhurried atmosphere. Finally ‘Wintermaer’ finishes off this consistent release with a decent framework of enchanting pad layers, a catchy bassline and subtly reduced beat structures.

Don’t forget to check out Boris Heizmann’s appearance on Elektronische Musik Interkontinental 3 (TRAUM CD14). Enjoy!

01 – Mesolinear
02 – Placid States
03 – Wintermaer

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