Super Multifaros – Jan Telefon {CANDY034}

Artist: Super Multifaros
Title: Jan Telefon
Catalog #: CANDY034
Label: Candy Mind Records
Release Date: 2007/02/27

Die Waffen des Wahnsinns!

Step into the Multifaros Zone, a surreal world composed of bright colors and checkerboard-styled ground, prehistoric animals, Chinese dragons, and alien pods.

Super Multifaros delivers a ear-wobbling release for all you stupid space harriers out there, loaded with a chippy tune for every occasion…and if you have ever wondered who really invented the phone, the lightbulb and the phonebook you will finally get the true answer here (in Swedish of course, the language of all true answers).

Enough is enough, download and enjoy!

01 – Nerd! [MP3]
02 – Dr Kreffer [MP3]
03 – Oh No [MP3]
04 – You DUMB Space Harrier [MP3]
05 – Jan Telefon [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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