Various Artists – Masters Of The Green Insects {CANDY029}

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Masters Of The Green Insects
Label: Candy Mind Records
Catalog #: CANDY029
Release Date: 2006/10/01

While other labels focus more and more on artist who are “excellent musicians” and “instrumental geniouses”, Candy Mind is taking another perspective of view.

So let´s set this straight: We only want “real men” (disregarding gender) on our label. To be included in the Candy Mind rooster you must be skilled in both stone cutting, welding and hunting.
We refuse to work with nerds who swarm, like insects, around computers and books. No, what we want is the strong, the brave and the fit.

When we put together this compilation we didn´t look that much on whether the music was outstanding or not (you know, even nerds can make music), instead we choose to look at the artist´s military records, mixed martial arts career and years of work in the industrial sector.

It´s with great pride we at Candy Mind can assure you listeners out there that all the music you are about to hear is composed by hard working men of blood and steel who stands up for their label and fights to the end. Failure is not in their vocabulary and they will never give up!

Even called Lickan by his friends. This lean and muscular fellow enjoys big game hunting and bone collecting. On his sparetime he likes to go to the shooting range or hang out around the cemetary, just waiting for things to happen.

Strenght: 11
Age: 10
Stamina: ?
Height: 5´10″
Wits: 3
Weight: ??? lbs
Charisma: 1
Reach: 72″
Gender: Alfa-male
Special power: Liquidification

More hard-working than anyone else, truck drivin´, gold minin´ and cave divin´ Goto80 never says no to a job.
Despite what many people might think, goto80 (almost) NEVER uses computers. He is not really touching them when playing live and when he comes home he just throws them in a closet in his basment.

Strenght: 6
Age: 24
Stamina: 9
Height: 6′
Wits: 8
Weight: 144 lbs
Charisma: 4
Reach: 74″
Gender: Male
Special power: Writing recipes

Growing up under hard circumstances on the Norweigan west coast, Binärpilot is nowadays a rock-hard gangster rapper. With a mind of steel and two iron fists he is ruling the rumoured gangster crew CCP. “It must be west coast,” Binärpilot says, “I would never, NEVER team up with any east coast rapper. I’ll kick their asses instead. I’ll really do it dawg!”
And we can all see from the look on Binärpilots face that he’s really serious, as always, about the asskicking-bit…

Strenght: 9
Age: 25
Stamina: 9
Height: 6´8″
Wits: 3
Weight: 188 lbs
Charisma: 2
Reach: 78″
Gender: Male
Special power: Glock .40

As one of them is the lost son of Count Dracula, and the other grew up in the woods with wolfs as parents, the korvstoppers makes a deadly duo. You better watch out…

Strenght: 5+6
Age: 46+23
Stamina: 6+8
Height: 5´10″+6’3″
Wits: 7+3
Weight: 133 lbs+200 lbs
Charisma: 2+1
Reach: 68″+70″
Gender: None
Special power: Stopping korv

Not much is known about what’s inside the magic bag, and therefore we can’t tell you much about it. It may be this, it may be that, but let’s hope that it’s something nice at least.

Strenght: ?
Age: ?
Stamina: ?
Height: ?
Wits: ?
Weight: ?
Charisma: ?
Reach: ?
Gender: ?
Special power: ?

Beeing the only ninja in the candy mind-crew, Paza is never relaxing. Day and night he’s dressed up in black, armed with special (and secret) ninja weapons, guarding the Candy Mind HQ.

Strenght: 7
Age: 26
Stamina: 8
Height: 6′
Wits: 9
Weight: ?
Charisma: 5
Reach: 73″
Gender: ?
Special power: Shinryuken

Most charismatic and best looking of all the candy miners, Psilodump is getting all the girls. Tricking them with his sweet-talk and magical love potions, they all fall into his possession. “I can get every girl I want,” Psilodump says, “Just show me girl, and I’ll show you!”

Strenght: 2
Age: 25
Stamina: 4
Height: 144 lbs
Wits: 3
Weight: ?
Charisma: 9
Reach: 72″
Gender: All of them
Special power: Love potions

01 – Liquid StrangerJakten På Guldpokalerna
02 – Goto80Happydaze (Version 2005)
03 – BinärpilotPoky (Fo Rizzle)
04 – The KorvstoppersSane
05 – Dorothy’s Magic BagKusturica
06 – PazaHurrybojs
07 – PsilodumpAntti The Elephant

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