Ogge – Ogge {CANDY023}

Artist: Ogge
Title: Ogge
Label: Candy Mind Records
Catalog #: CANDY023
Release Date: 2006/05/17

Feel like you’re choosen, when Ogge, swedish space-city-dance-stars-and planets-electronica hero is taking you with him to visit his alien friend on the most spectacular planet in the solar system.

Say hello to Ogges friend, the alien prince, try wearing his sci-fi crown and laugh when you all together are playing a game of space chess.

Learn the ancient language of Tjibahulu and then take the galaxy train back to your home and fall asleep…

… and at night we all know who you´re gonna dream ’bout…

What’s a better start on your space-party-journey than going to the dark clouds of Neptunus? However, I hope you didn’t forget your bathing suit, since the dark clouds is perfect for a swimming class.

Going further out of space, feeling the heat of all the burning stars around you, you get confronted by the dangerous Mc Carnfield, the evil master mind villain of space, but somehow you trick him and he gets sucked into a black hole…

The final end of this space-odyssey is here, as you’re getting closer and closer to Sirius. I hope you´ll have a nice and steady landing here, since if you don’t…

Sitting on the intergalactic train on your way home, you’re thinking back on all your fantastic episodes you’ve experienced together with Ogge… And we all know who you’re gonna dream about tonight…

01 – Dark Clouds (Anticlimax)
02 – Intro
03 – Sirius
04 – Outro

Front Cover


Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5)

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