Binärpilot – You Can’t Stop Da Funk {CANDY019}

Artist: Binärpilot
Title: You Can’t Stop Da Funk
Catalog #: CANDY019
Label: Candy Mind Records
Release Date: 2006/02/14

This is the story of our Norweigan Candy Miner and superhero Binärpilot. The story begins on the Sunday morning train which is taking Binärpilot to the big church just outside town.

On this particular Sunday morning the story continues in a wild manner as a mysterious alien ninja-force is laser-beaming Binärpilot up to a weird-looking spaceship…and then finally it is all ending with a large bang. Pooof!!

Binärpilot is telling us his story with some help from mind bending electrobeats and funky vocoders. We like it. A lot.

So let’s put on the funky fresh boot and listen when Binärpilot stampar takten med sin fot!

Sometimes a straight thing is better bent than a bent thing bent straight. Binärpilot is giving us a “how to bend things in a orderly fashion without any strain or pain at all”-work out.

We all want the popullution to be destroyed, don’t we?

Deep down in the darkest corner of the ocean lives Markell Fiksen; a hideous creature never ever heard of in the memory of man. However, Binärpilot has actually met the creature once or twice. This is his topsecret report.

Binärpilot is a pilot in a huge war in the sky. He’s on the good side (of course) and at first they seam to win the war, but all of a sudden a blurry mass of shiny beings appears in a distance and they come closer and closer towards the Binärpilot. It’s, it’s …raving mad robots!

01 – Bend [MP3]
02 – Destroy The Popollution [MP3]
03 – Markell Fiksen [MP3]
04 – Robot Wars [MP3]

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