Psilodump – The Night I Lost You All You All {CANDY017}

Artist: Psilodump
Title: The Night I Lost You All You All
Catalog #: CANDY017
Label: Candy Mind Records
Release Date: 2005/12/24

One morning when he wakes up something is just wrong. A weird feeling is going up and down his spine and he doesn’t really know what’s up or down. Something is haunting Psilodump. He packs his bag and sets out on a journey…

Now when he’s standing here, with the bag in one hand and his Dick Tracy novel in the other, prepared to travel far, he doesn’t know at all what awaits him…

And that may be good, because if he knew about all the ghouls, all the swamp eating pirates, all the golden zombies, would he then leave…?

1. BAK8
Lost in an abandoned town, inhabited by fearless walking dead, Psilodump is trying to get out of harms way but at the same time he wants to find out what has really happened here. Do not fasten your seatbelts, or you can be sure they’ll just fall of.

2. PIN
Psilodump is hearing a whisper from a place he has never been to before, but it is a place he still remembers. He hesitates for a moment, but then he continues right ahead…

At first it felt like the journey more and more turned into a fun trip, but Psilodump soon realizes that that’s nothing but a false impression, this was a, a… a feign embrace!

Psilodump enters the ghost-train-roller-coaster and must duck to avoid the swinging axes, a construction made with the purpose of cutting his head off. The ghosts is just laughing and Psilo is really wondering when this hell-trip will end.

Face to face with the final evil creation of madness, Psilodump is trying to find a way to battle this sinister beast. Then the voice is whispering in darkness again, with a voice so quite,: “Hit the eye Psilo, the eye!”

The beast is dead and Psilo is finding out the truth. But the truth is not always so pleasant…

Tired and exhausted by the terrible adventure, Psilodump states that he never want this kind of stuff to happen again… Aldrig igen!

At last when he thought everything was over and he is heading back home, Psilodump is accidentally embarking on another adventure of a lifetime!. Instead of taking the usual train he makes a serious mistake and boards the horrifying commuter-train…

To be continued…

01. bak8 [MP3]
02. Pin [MP3]
03. Feign Embrace [MP3]
04. Bitten [MP3]
05. Rethought7 [MP3]
06. Lost and [MP3]
07. Aldrig Igen [MP3]
08. Feign Embrace [Commuter Train Remix by Ayhan Aydin] [MP3]

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