Dorothy’s Magic Bag – The Alice In Wonderland Experience {CANDY009}

Artist: Dorothy’s Magic Bag
Title: The Alice In Wonderland Experience
Label: Candy Mind Records
Catalog #: CANDY009
Release Date: 2005/07/20

If life had been a computer game, then Dorothy’s Magic Bag would never be game over. The explanation is simple; the computer would crash, die and you should have to buy a new one. Dorothy’s Magic Bag is with “The Alice In Wonderland Experience” showing us a glimpse on what’s inside the magic bag with insane computer game scenarios, catchy pop music and thundering drill’n’bass.

01 – snöstorm
02 – what’s inside the magic bag
03 – sällsamma ting
04 – neurosis
05 – journey
06 – never been to russia
07 – forced reps
08 – kosackvinter
09 – say hello
10 – håll käften
11 – deus deceptor

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