Valzi – Some Girls I’m Not Related To {BKTR006}

Artist: Valzi
Title: Some Girls I’m Not Related To
Label: Backtrack
Catalog #: BKTR006
Release Date: 2005/08/15

An album of thoughts about some girls that valzi knows just now, but whom he is not related to. These heartfelt character sketches and chilly anxieties will soothe you, leaving you with the feeling that everything will be alright after all.

01. Seep Beam Hits Rienna [MP3]
02. Skweesh Sarah [MP3]
03. Melletoids [MP3]
04. Squeesh Jasmine [MP3]
05. Throwing Stuff At Hannah [MP3]
06. Meghan [MP3]
07. Sage And Elizabeth [MP3]
08. September One Girl [MP3]
09. That Maria Kid [MP3]
10. Root Becca Float [MP3]
11. Helicopter Kimber [MP3]
12. Courtney [MP3]
13. Sarah Skeen Name [MP3]
14. Mrs. Moravec Came Home Again [MP3]

Additional Files:
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Whole Release: [ZIP]


Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5)

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