V.A. – iHyper {BKTR001}

Artist: V.A.
Title: iHyper
Label: Backtrack
Catalog #: BKTR001
Release Date: 2004/09/01

we’re re-releasing the first backtrack release, a chipdisk, with mp3s so that anyone can hear it, even if they don’t have windows OS or know what a module is! we hope that you will, however, investigate module and chipmusic, once you have a taste of this charming bleepy music. oh, don’t forget: if a song ends abruptly, it is probably meant to loop continuously until you get tired of it, so set your mp3 player accordingly.

backtrack’s first release was a chipdisk for a few reasons. mostly, we thought a huge chipdisk would be a cool way to start with a bang (or at least a few blips.) now, we wonder if we will ever even do another chipdisk. it was great fun, and there was a lot of talent on it.

nineteen artists were involved in the making of this thing, not counting the poor souls whose not-quite-fitting tunes were rejected. all this work adds up to 29 tunes and approximately 70.5 minutes of music for us.

please realize, though, we are not a chipgroup. a few of us enjoy making chiptunes, but some do not even know how.

many thanks to our wonderful guest-releasers! beautiful music, i must say. really, most of you guys and even the actual members (!) totally amaze me. i would never have imagined, i would be working with such talent so soon. thanks for letting me.


respect to our friends and many thanks to those who have helped us get off the ground! metapathy, zinger, and vizion have been essential in making this, our grand opening, possible.

01 – Zinger – Brand Nu Snowjoggers [MP3]
02 – Seablue – Aurora Dawn [MP3]
03 – BZL – doesn’t matter what [MP3]
04 – Nagz & Zinger – Dr. Frolek’s Files [MP3]
05 – Vhiiula – Backtrackin’ [MP3]
06 – Zabutom – Where Do I Start [MP3]
07 – Arachno – One Sample Song [MP3]
08 – Zinger & Bacter – Magisk Kollaps [MP3]
09 – Nim – Dishsoap Boubles [MP3]
10 – Valzi & Zinger – So I Did A Happy Tune [MP3]
11 – Zinger & Nagz – Gun Parade [MP3]
12 – Little Elk – Filtered Skies [MP3]
13 – Ciccilleju – 10X dear cumbergini [MP3]
14 – Zinger – Sparrow Dance [MP3]
15 – Lithis – Aaaaa [MP3]
16 – valzi – love, ignorant [MP3]
17 – Blot – Copper Termites [MP3]
18 – zinger – rhino sting [MP3]
19 – valzi – asbestos [MP3]
20 – TechnoiZ – Strawberry [MP3]
21 – Ciccilleju – Eowin [MP3]
22 – Dafear – In [MP3]
23 – Ciccilleju – Matusalemm [MP3]
24 – Zabutom – Rave Is Dead [MP3]
25 – Blot – Vintage_Soda [MP3]
26 – VKM – VKM does morales…? [MP3]
27 – 143 – this is your brain on bktr [MP3]
28 – Ciccilleju – Made 2 Fade [MP3]
29 – Dafear – Hiekkalapio [MP3]

Additional Files:
Front Cover [JPG]
bktr001 [TXT]
bktr001 Demo [ZIP]

Whole Release: [ZIP]


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