Missing “Noisy Vagabond” Releases

Noisy Vagabond is a netlabel that is hosted by Carl Martin for his independent releases for all his many projects. His most notable projects are Transient and his more recent Beat.Dowsing.

We are currently trying to find the earliest releases. They are pretty much unknown at this current point in time. The only known page that hosted all of these missing releases can be found here.

If you have any information about any of these missing releases, you can email us at “thenetlabelarchive AT gmail DOT com“.

Here is a list of the the first 10 releases with all the info we have:

# Catalog # Artist Title Date
1 nvr001 Transient Atomic 1996/??/??
2 nvr002 Transient Hardtrips 1997/??/??
3 nvr003 Transient Connection 1998/??/??
4 nvr004 Transient Flowerpot 1998/??/??
5 nvr005 Transient 1999 1999/??/??
6 nvr006 Transient Mind Shatter 2000/??/??
7 nvr007 Transient Flicker 2001/??/??
8 nvr008 Transient Prayers EP 2002/??/??
9 nvr009 Transient White Blazes 2002/??/??
10 nvr010 Transient Future Jazz Played Underwater 2002/??/??